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Sex workers and coal miners are more similar than you think

Every time a woman is called ugly, it’s an attack on their humanity

“Ugly is more than a physical description. For a woman, it’s meant to be shorthand for worthless, undesirable, and undeserving.”

-Wendy Chapkis

“We give science too much power…”

“We give science too much power. It’s a method of understanding the world based on measurement; that is all.”
Devdutt Pattanaik

As a person of the modern age I find it disturbing how people are treating science. Science is treated by some in the same way humans have treated religion. It is put on a pedestal, as if it is the ultimate statement on everything. Despite the fact we know “science” is limited to what we know RIGHT NOW. Science is always evolving and changing thanks to humans observing and technology. Science, like religion, is one way the human mind understands creation. Science deserves to be questioned and criticized in the same ways we look at religions and their traditions.