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Lincoln Remembrance Day February 16 ~Peekskill~

11:30 Lincoln Exedra program on South Street, then parade down South St. to Lincoln Depot Museum.

12 noon In front of the Lincoln Depot Museum – Re-enactment program.

1:00 Inside Lincoln Depot ($10 suggested donation) Local Historian Kirk Moldoff discusses 19th Century Peekskill as a center for Art, Industry and Scientific Innovation.

2:00 LinCon bar crawl.


Location: Lincoln Dept Museum, Peekskill

Harlem Gospel tours in English

Drop in and Create Wooden Figures Family Workshop January 26 ~Peekskill~

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Families and children of all ages are welcome at this interactive activity influenced by the diminutive sculpture of Claudette Schreuders. Small in size, but vast in emotion, transform paint and wooden figures into evocative self-portraits and depictions of family and friends.


Location: Hudson Valley MOCA, Peekskill

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Westchester Theater & Concert Venues

Why travel to New York City for the theater or concerts when everything you need is right here in Westchester? BONUS there is plenty of FREE and affordable parking options!!!

Editor’s Note: If your venue is not let us know!

Westchester Adult Sports Leagues

We pay for these services. But do we use them? Most of these parks systems offer affordable services for all ages. From camps, to music classes, continuing education, sports, theater and more! Plus you don’t always have to live in the locality to enjoy these services. Enjoy where you live!!

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