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Virtual: Local Authors Meet & Greet at the Harrison Public Library October 24 ~New York~

This popular annual event will feature award-winning, bestselling and local authors. Copies of their works are available in the library.

SOURCE: Harrison Public Library
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Virtual: Author Fiona Davis Discussing “The Lions of Fifth Avenue” at the Bedford Library October 21 ~New York~

Fiona Davis’ lasest novel is set in one of the most iconic structures in the city-the New York Public Library. A New York Times bestselling novel and chosen for the Good Morning America Book Pick for August, “The Lions of Fifth Avenue” does not disappoint!


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Rowayton Library Scavenger Hunt October 24 ~Rowayton, CT~

Working in teams of up to 4 members, test your knowledge about the history, local landmarks, and the businesses around town by racing against friends and neighbors to solve clues leading to various locations, where you will need to answer questions and complete tasks.

SOURCE: Rowayton Library

Location: Rowayton Library, 33 Highland Avenue, Norwalk, CT

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Virtual: Author Baylor Chapman Discussing “Decorating with Plants” at the Chappaqua Library October 21 ~New York~

Author Baylor Chapman‘s book is in three parts: first, there’s Plant Care 101: from how to assess light conditions to tricks for keeping your plants alive while on vacation, Then she introduces us to 28 of her favorites—specimens that are tough as nails but oh-so-stylish, from the eye-catching Rubber Tree to the delicate Cape Primrose. Finally, she guides readers through the home room by room.

Baylor has been a professional floral and garden designer since 2001. Her designs have been featured in Sunset magazine and on PBS, as well as in Banana Republic and Restoration Hardware stores.

SOURCE: Chappaqua Library

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Virtual: River Vale Library Halloween Cartooning Class for Grades 2-6 October 22 ~New Jersey~

During our virtual zoom class we will be doing a step-by-step drawing of Snoopy sleeping on a Jack-o-lantern! Students will also get a background on Charles Shulz who was the creator and animator of the Peanuts cartoon.

SOURCE: Bergen County Cooperative Library System

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Virtual: Author Susan Lurie Discussing “Wanda Seasongood and Mostly True Secret” at the Greenburgh Public Library October 27 ~New York~

Susan Lurie, author of our October Ginormously Good Read/Mini-Battle of the Books Crossover, Wanda Seasongood and the Mostly True Secret, is stopping by to meet our community!

Wanda Seasongood and the Mostly True Secret, Susan’s first novel for middle grade readers released earlier this year, is getting plenty of well-deserved, rave reviews. And with good reason! Before Susan began her writing career, she worked with R.L. Stine to create the popular Goosebumps and Fear Street series!

SOURCE: Greenburgh Public Library

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Ridgefield Guild of Artist-in-Residence Opportunities DEADLINE October 31

The Ridgefield Guild of Artists is pleased to offer a new artist-in-residence program available to three artists during three separate time frames. This is a juried opportunity. It is open to all visual artists – painting, mixed media, sculpture, pastels, photography, digital arts, etc.

The AIR studio is being offered for three time periods of 10 weeks each.

The residency for each artist will culminate with a group AIR exhibition in the Guild’s gallery displaying the work they have created during their residencies. The two-week show will be held in late-June/early-July of 2021. This will be an opportunity to showcase your art and give an artist’s talk about your work and share how this AIR has influenced and progressed your artistic career.


Location: Ridgefield Guild of Artists, 34 Halpin Lane, Ridgefield, CT

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Fairfield Public Library Outdoor Drop-By Halloween Sidewalk Challenge and Treat Bag October 30

Drop by the Main Library between 10:00 am-4:00 pm to enjoy our outdoor Halloween Sidewalk Challenge! On the sidewalk, we will have fun obstacles written in chalk for children to do as they make their way around the building in their costumes. Complete the challenge, and pick up a treat bag of Halloween goodies!

SOURCE: Fairfield Library

Location: Fairfield Library, 1080 Old Post Road, Fairfield, CT

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Pruning Principles and Practices Workshop Beginning October 29 ~Bronx~

Through course study and hands-on pruning, you will learn the best tools, techniques, and timing to use when you prune to help shrubs, conifers, broadleaves, evergreens, and deciduous plants thrive. Explore how woody plant structure and physiology influence pruning.


Location: New York Botanical Gardens, 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY

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Fall Edible Plants Workshop October 29 ~Bronx~

Take a guided ramble with wild foods author and forager author Marie Viljoen and learn to how to identify use the edible plants that are indigenous to the Northeast. Visit NYBG’s Native Garden and the Thain Family Forest and discover what these plants look like in the fall, a skill that is key to successful foraging in each season.


Location: New York Botanical Gardens, 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY

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Municipal, State, & Federal Job Opportunities in the New York Tri-State Area

Federal Jobs

The date indicates the deadline for applying for the position.

Connecticut, New Jersey, & New York Jobs

Bergen, Fairfield, Rockland & Westchester Medical Industry Employment


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New York State Technical Assistance Grant for Historical Preservation for Not-for-Profits & Municipalities to Preserve Historical Structures DEADLINE October 19

The grants will support professional services of architects, engineers, and other design and preservation professionals working with not-for-profit groups and municipalities to preserve their buildings, structures, and other resources that serve an arts and/or cultural function.

Who is eligible to apply?

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts/cultural groups and municipalities managing an arts/cultural facility only. Please note that state agencies, groups that steward state-owned buildings, NYS-owned sites, religious institutions, school districts, and private property owners are ineligible for this program.

What project types can receive TAG support?

The applicant group may apply for short-term, discrete projects that advance the preservation of historic sites, museums, arts facilities including opera houses and theaters, and other culturally important institutions that are located in historic buildings and structures that are open to the public. These professional studies include:

1. Building Condition Surveys
2. Engineering/Structural Analyses
3. Feasibility/Reuse Studies
4. Specialized Conservation Studies


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Play Golf in Fairfield, Bergen, Rockland, & Westchester Counties

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Groupon Booking Discounts

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Plastic Free Shopping in the NYC Metro

Please use CONTACT form to provide information on businesses who are no longer using plastic packaging. I am not affiliated founders and/or employees of the following businesses on the list nor I do not receive any compensation. I am a customer dedicated to lowering my impact on the environment and believe in supporting those who believe the same. -Editor

  • Brooklyn: Package Free, 137 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • Hastings-on-Hudson: Refill Room, 42 B Main Street, Hastings-on-Hudson, Westchester County, NY 10706-1201
  • Mahattan: Package Free, 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

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Farms & Farmers Markets in Fairfield, Bergen, Rockland, and Westchester Counties

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Bergen County, NJ

Fairfield County, CT

Rockland County, NY

Westchester County, NY

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Recycling is not the answer. You MUST reduce your consumption.

FACT: unless you’re reducing your consumption of plastic, recycling means nothing

PROBLEM: plastic is everywhere and part of everything-including clothing

SOLUTION: do what can, when possible. Don’t buy unless absolutely necessary and there is no alternative.

What I’ve done:

  • Buy used clothes, to reduce demand for new resources to manufacture brand new clothes. 60% of my current wardrobe is used, including shoes and sneakers
  • Carry reusable silverware to use at work
  • Use mug or reusable cup at work for drinks
  • Refuse straws
  • Refuse packet condiments/disposable silverware (especially if it’s take out, you got it at home)
  • Buy vitamins in glass bottles (glass can be recycled over and over)
  • Having a party? Buy aluminum cans instead of soda in gallon. Aluminum can be recycled multiple times.
    Stop buying products that use excessive packaging
  • Become aware of how much garbage- including recycling, you make per day. There are some days I don’t make any garbage.

I made a conscious effort to be aware of my impact. I don’t worry about others, I do what I can. I am among millions on this planet that got companies changing their ways because they’re loosing money by not being mindful of the garbage they’re creating with their products.

Resources for reducing environmental impact in the New York City Metro from Found in Yonkers

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Own a home? Plant native plants to mitigate climate change, provide habitat and food for pollinators

Native Plant Sale September 5 & 6: Wild Gardens Nursery at Rhinoceros Creek, 401 Route 202, Somers, NY–You must make an appointment to shop or you can pre-order!

Native Plant Sale September 12 & 13: Native trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and ferns at Rosedale Nurseries, 51 Saw Mill River Road (Route 9A), Hawthorne, NY

I have turned my front and back lawns into habitats for native insects. American lawns are modeled after British manor homes. Trying to achieve this archaic ideal has become so standard it’s cliche.

Tall native grasses of the Northeast were decimated to make way for smaller tropical and genetically modified smaller species which are easy to cut.

I’ve learned from untold research that trees, native plants and tall grasses that are allowed to flower provide the most food for native and migrating pollinators like bees and butterflies. Birds that do not migrate also benefit from seeds of mature grasses during the lean winter months when food is scarce.

My yard is a combination of food garden while the remaining is a native and non-native plants. Since I’ve changed from a manor house grass lawn I’ve had so many visitors to my lawn!

native goldenrod
Goldenrod-Native Plant
Spider laid it’s eggs on my American yew-Native
Native mantis on Mint (not native)

So basically, as stated in 1989’s Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

Visit the Lady Bird Johnson Native Plant Center for native plants in your part of the United States.

Buy Native Plants from These Locations:

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Apple & Pumpkin Picking in Bergen, Fairfield, Rockland, & Westchester Counties

You might have to make an appointment to attend, call ahead.

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Furnished Housing Rentals

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Bergen & Westchester County Adult Sports Leagues

We pay for these services. But do we use them? Most of these parks systems offer affordable services for all ages. From camps, to music classes, continuing education, sports, theater and more! Plus you don’t always have to live in the locality to enjoy these services. Enjoy where you live!!

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Bergen County

Fairfield County

Westchester County

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Support Bergen, Fairfield, Rockland & Westchester’s Zoos, Animal Shelters and Sanctuaries

Whether its money, supplies, or volunteering animals in Westchester need your help!

Bergen County

Fairfield County

Rockland County

*Please let me know if I’m missed an organization! Thanks-Editor*