Recycling is not the answer

FACT: unless you’re reducing your consumption of plastic, recycling means nothing

PROBLEM: plastic is everywhere and part of everything-including clothing

SOLUTION: do what can, when possible. Don’t buy unless absolutely necessary and there is no alternative.

What I’ve done:

  • Buy used clothes, to reduce demand for new resources to manufacture brand new clothes. 60% of my current wardrobe is used, including shoes and sneakers
  • Carry reusable silverware to use at work
  • Use mug or reusable cup at work for drinks
  • Refuse straws
  • Refuse packet condiments/disposable silverware (especially if it’s take out, you got it at home)
  • Buy vitamins in glass bottles (glass can be recycled over and over)
  • Having a party? Buy aluminum cans instead of soda in gallon. Aluminum can be recycled multiple times.
    Stop buying products that use excessive packaging
  • Become aware of how much garbage- including recycling, you make per day. There are some days I don’t make any garbage.

I made a conscious effort to be aware of my impact. I don’t worry about others, I do what I can. I am among millions on this planet that got companies changing their ways because they’re loosing money by not being mindful of the garbage they’re creating with their products.

Green Westchester: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce Locally

Save money and the environment! Don’t buy new if you don’t have too. Reduce the demand for Earth’s finite natural resources by freecyling.

It takes way too long for plastic to biodegrade and many recyclable items end up in landfills. Let’s stop the garbage and freecycle! It’s a win-win for you, the environment, and generations to come.

*This list will be updated. Be sure to check back often!*

  • Furniture Sharehouse, White Plains: Donate unwanted furniture in good condition or pick up some great furniture.
  • Goodwill New York, New Rochelle: One of my personal favorites! My personal pledge has been to buy less and when I do buy used. I not only donate to this particular store, I also purchase most of my wardrobe from this location. You can get nearly everything at this location. Wedding dresses, Furniture, DVDs, board games, books, shoes and more! Educators looking for supplies for your classroom? Look no further than this location!
  • Operation Prom, Westchester County: Donate your prom and beautiful bridal party attire to help those in need attend prom. I donated my prom dress and several bridesmaids dresses!
  • Take it OR Leave it Shed, Bedford: Residents of Bedford may drop off or pick up items to be repurposed.
  • Take it OR Leave it Shed, White Plains: bring unwanted household items including toys. The name is says it all bring your stuff if you don’t want anything leave! I’ve picked up several toddler toys, a car seat, and stroller for my youngest nephew. I have also found great gardening supplies and books for my students. I’ve donated toys, books, and arts and crafts supplies. They take everything (including sporting supplies) EXCEPT furniture and stuffed animals.