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Pelham Art Center Community Art Days June 7, July 5, & August 12

Come speak with an artist, watch an artist create, and join in on our new community art project!

Part of the upcoming Community Art Days is “Pelham Art Rocks!”–a collaborative public art installation consisting of individual rocks painted by our community members. Come take a rock, paint a rock, and leave a rock under the Pelham Art Center red arch! Visitors can create a rock during any of the three Community Art Days, or paint their rock at home and return it under the arch later. Pelham Art Center invites everyone to contribute a colorful design to build an Art Rock Garden as a tribute to the strength and beauty of our community.

For those painting from home, suggested paints are acrylic and details can be added using paint markers. Consider mandala rocks, patterned rocks, inspirational words, spirals, shapes and patterns for your design. It is recommended to add a top coat clear acrylic sealer on top of your painted rocks.


Location: Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY

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Bergen, Essex, Hudson and Passaic County Library LIVE STREAM EVENTS

Events for all ages on various streaming platforms. For complete details visit

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Yonkers Public Library ZOOM Classes & Workshops for All Ages

All three branches are offering virtual events Riverfront, Grinton I. Will and Crestwood. Activities for all ages. For ZOOM classes and workshops visit

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“Tiger King” Outrage: Let’s get H.R. 1380/S.2561 Big Cat Public Safety Act passed in Congress

Upset by the treatment of Big Cats in Netflix’s “Tiger King” docuseries? Then WRITE your House and Congressional representatives to pass legislation that holds these animal menagerie (also known as road side zoos) owners responsible. These animals deserve better treatment and so do the employees and volunteers that work with them.

PETITIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH! When individual voter-taxpayers use their voices politicians listen.

Also, do not visit animal menageries. Only visit accredited zoos and aquariums!


  • FindLaw: Exotic Animal Laws by State
  • USDA Animal Welfare Act
  • USDA Animal Welfare Regulated Businesses
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • Zoological Association of America
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Keeping Florida Panthers Off the Road to Extinction
  • Finally, there are big cats native to the Americas. Support organizations that protect the habitat and rescue these beautiful animals. Encourage CERTIFIED ZOOS in your area to help in conserving native big cats. Search big cat’s name zoo or big cat’s name conservation and send a note thanking them for helping native big cats!

    1. Canada Lynx
    2. Bobcat
    3. Jaguarundi
    4. Jaguar
    5. Cougar/Panther
    6. Ocelot
    7. Andean Mountain Cat
    8. Geoffroy’s Cat
    9. Kodkod
    10. Margay
    11. Pampas Cat
    12. Oncilla
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    Volunteers Needed to Help Small Business Owners with Applications for Assistance Programs

    The Westchester County Office of Economic Development’s SBA Application Assistance Program is soliciting volunteers to help small businesses complete applications for the following programs:

    SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advance,
    SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan, and
    Paycheck Protection Program applications.
    Volunteers will be provided training on all aspects of the application process. Training will be developed and conducted in coordination with the SBA and Community Capital New York, a Community Development Financial Institution and SBA-lender. The training will be provided by webinar, and the materials and step-by-step application guides will be provided to the volunteers.

    The volunteers will not be providing guidance/recommendations on which loan programs to apply for, but rather will be addressing specific questions on the application(s) selected by the applicant.

    Anyone interested in volunteering to help should email


    Editor’s Note: If you know a small business in dire need please let them know they can also apply to be vendors with the State of New York.

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    Westchester County offers Affordable Homes in Buchanan, NY

    Westchester County is offering a unique opportunity – several single family homes and a senior condominium for sale – at prices ranging from $164,000 for a condo to $265,000 for a four bedroom single family home. Potential home buyers must qualify, and homes will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Located in the Village of Buchanan and served by the Hendrick Hudson School District, the single family homes offer three or four bedrooms, two baths, decks or patios, and finished or unfinished basements in a neighborhood setting. The home in Cortlandt Manor offers community membership in the Croton Park Colony, complete with a community swimming pool.

    The two bedroom condominium in Jefferson Village in Yorktown Heights has two bedrooms and two baths, a kitchen with an island, storage, laundry and garage parking. Jefferson Village is a 55+ community which boasts a wide range of amenities including a clubhouse, fitness center, outdoor swimming pool and picnic area.

    With a 5% down payment for the condo, a buyer’s monthly housing expenses (mortgage, real estate taxes and common charges) will be approximately $1600. For the single family properties, monthly housing expenses range from $1800 to $2,045. Maximum household income guidelines apply: two person household, $77,000 three persons, $86,600; four persons, $96,250 and $103,950 for a five person household.

    For information and applications, go to or contact Housing Action Council, a non-profit organization responsible for qualifying applicants and assisting them through the home buying process, at (914) 332-4144, .


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    Do Business with Local Governments-Request for Proposals Bergen, Fairfield, Rockland and Westchester Counties

    Did you know you can expand your business by obtaining contracts with local governments? Nonprofits and for-profit businesses can improve their communities and create employment opportunities for your neighbors. All industries from Education, to Entertainment, to IT, to Construction. Visit links below to review opportunities.

    RFPs by County

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    BOGO- FREE ticket for a CitySightseeing Ferry Tour when you purchase Ripley’s Times Square Odditorium Ticket!

    New! Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Figures Wave 12 Case

    Cheap Fares To Top 20 Spots! Take up to $20◊ off our fees on flights with code TOP20 Book Now!

    New York Edition Book – Only at

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    Dungeons in Dragons in the NYC Metro Area

    Dungeons & Dragons

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    Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York Government Employment Links

    Recycling is not the answer

    FACT: unless you’re reducing your consumption of plastic, recycling means nothing

    PROBLEM: plastic is everywhere and part of everything-including clothing

    SOLUTION: do what can, when possible. Don’t buy unless absolutely necessary and there is no alternative.

    What I’ve done:

    • Buy used clothes, to reduce demand for new resources to manufacture brand new clothes. 60% of my current wardrobe is used, including shoes and sneakers
    • Carry reusable silverware to use at work
    • Use mug or reusable cup at work for drinks
    • Refuse straws
    • Refuse packet condiments/disposable silverware (especially if it’s take out, you got it at home)
    • Buy vitamins in glass bottles (glass can be recycled over and over)
    • Having a party? Buy aluminum cans instead of soda in gallon. Aluminum can be recycled multiple times.
      Stop buying products that use excessive packaging
    • Become aware of how much garbage- including recycling, you make per day. There are some days I don’t make any garbage.

    I made a conscious effort to be aware of my impact. I don’t worry about others, I do what I can. I am among millions on this planet that got companies changing their ways because they’re loosing money by not being mindful of the garbage they’re creating with their products.

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    Own a home? Plant native plants to mitigate climate change, provide habitat and food for pollinators

    I have turned my front and back lawns into habitats for native insects. American lawns are modeled after British manor homes. Trying to achieve this archaic ideal has become so standard it’s cliche.

    Tall native grasses of the Northeast were decimated to make way for smaller tropical and genetically modified smaller species which are easy to cut.

    I’ve learned from untold research that trees, native plants and tall grasses that are allowed to flower provide the most food for native and migrating pollinators like bees and butterflies. Birds that do not migrate also benefit from seeds of mature grasses during the lean winter months when food is scarce.

    My yard is a combination of food garden while the remaining is a native and non-native plants. Since I’ve changed from a manor house grass lawn I’ve had so many visitors to my lawn!

    native goldenrod
    Goldenrod-Native Plant
    Spider laid it’s eggs on my American yew-Native
    Native mantis on Mint (not native)

    So basically, as stated in 1989’s Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

    Visit the Lady Bird Johnson Native Plant Center for native plants in your part of the United States.

    Buy Native Plants from These Locations:

    Sakura Matsuri in Connecticut, New Jersey & New York Metro April-May 2019

    Sakura Matsuir

    My Favorite Christmas Light Displays in Westchester County

    This is nice tour of Westchester County’s best Christmas homes!

    My favorite Christmas displays:

      • Harrison: 50 Parsons Street
      • New Rochelle: 155 Vaneck Drive
      • White Plains: 21 North Kensico Avenue
      • Yonkers: 244 Trenchard Street (decorated for different holidays)
      • Yonkers: Corner of Durst Place and Dunwoodie Street
      • Yonkers: Cypress Avenue between Yonkers Avenue and Hayward Street
    Harrison, NY
    Harrison, NY
    Harrison, NY
    Harrison, NY
    Harrison, NY
    White Plains, NY
    White Plains, NY
    New Rochelle, NY
    New Rochelle, NY
    New Rochelle, NY
    New Rochelle, NY
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    Connecticut, New Jersey & New York Professional Wrestling Schools


    New Jersey

    New York

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    Apple & Pumpkin Picking in Bergen, Fairfield, Rockland, & Westchester Counties

    Movie Ticket Deals, Discounts, Offers, & Coupons | Dealflicks

    cosplaysky promotion

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    Bergen & Westchester County Adult Sports Leagues

    We pay for these services. But do we use them? Most of these parks systems offer affordable services for all ages. From camps, to music classes, continuing education, sports, theater and more! Plus you don’t always have to live in the locality to enjoy these services. Enjoy where you live!!

    *Please report broken links*

    Bergen County

    Westchester County

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    Casting Kids, no exparience required

    Support Westchester’s Animal Shelters and Sanctuaries

    Whether its money, supplies, or volunteering animals in Westchester need your help!

    *Please let me know if I’m missed an organization! Thanks-Editor*

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    My Favorite Halloween Activities in New York City Metro

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    Bane Haunted House Is the best haunted house experience in NYC Tri-State. You will be touched, you will be yelled at, you will slide down slides, be put in a box. You will be scared, you will laugh, you will be ENTERTAINED!! It’s an AMAZING experience!

    Location: Bane, Livingston, NJ

    Brighton Asylum This haunted house isn’t just Halloween, Brighton hosts Halloween all year round. It’s all live actors, they have interactive zombie shooting in some houses. If you wear a glow necklace they will enhance the haunting experience-scream in your face, touch you, all that fun stuff! My favorite haunted experience was Brighton’s Christmas Haunted House!

    Location: Brighton Asylum, Passaic, NJ

    Horseman’s Hollow is in the actual Sleepy Hollow, not to far down the road from Irvington, where Mr. Washington Irving himself lived. The event takes place on an actual plantation owned by one of America’s first wealthy families the Philipses. On regular days you can go and learn how the slaves who lived and worked on the plantation lived (well worth the trip for you American History fans). During the month of October experience the fright of the Headless Horseman on his giant black steed riding the grounds along with other 18th Century ghosts including Red Coats and Ichabod Crane! My favorite memory of this event was watching my mother and aunt throw my youngest brother straight into the Devil who resides in the barn. Hilarious!

    Address: Plilipsburgh Manor, 381 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591

    The first time I went to Rye Playland’s Scared by the Sound was about a decade ago. Waiting in the dark at Rye Playland is creepy. Add to that the calm waves of the Long Island Sound as your background music and before you even enter the haunted portion of the amusement park you are freaked out. However once inside you realize you are going to be even more creeped out! People with chainsaws popping out, clowns, and having to walk through a grave yard where anyone can reach out and nearly touch someone (mainly you). My favorite memory of my first visit was a pitch white woman, with flaming red curly hair, walking stiff as a board, swiftly chase my screaming brothers from the grave yard down the boardwalk. Priceless!

    Address: Rye Playland, 100 Playland Parkway, Rye, NY 10580

    I ventured to Carmel, Putnam Valley, NY to Smalley’s Inn and Restaurant. Yes, it is actually haunted. My family and I have been honing our psychic skills for a couple of year, and before I even walked in the restaurant I felt immediately the spirit it was a woman. Mind you I knew nothing about the place and no one in my family mentioned to me the ghost was actually a woman! She even joined us during our meal (the air around the table became COLD), she was especially present when the owner charismatic and enthusiastic current owner Tony Porto came to our table and showed us picture ghost hunters professional and amateur had captured of the woman who haunts the restaurant. The pictures are downright creepy and confirmed what I felt about the resident spirit. Who according to my impressions of enjoys her celebrity status! Even if you are NOT a believer of spirits you have to visit Smalley’s for the incredible Halloween decor. The best I’ve ever seen! Think of any stereotypical monster, doll, clown, and vampire fright and it is on display. The atmosphere is literally to DIE FOR! Call ahead, I visited in late September when the Halloween crowds were not large. Mr. Porto says in October they bring in actors and the wait to be seated can be long.

    Address: Smalley’s Inn and Restaurant, 57 Gleneida Avenue, Carmel, NY 10512

    Halloween Train Show at Lasdon Park takes place on the weekends in October. This is a cute Halloween activity for kids. I attended several years ago and my nephew had a blast! The main house is decorated for Halloween, inside are a variety of trains (including Thomas). In addition you can purchase plants and seasonal gifts at the Shop at Lasdon.

    Address: Lasdon Park, 2610 New York 35, Katonah, NY 10563