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Researching Your American Ancestors: A Quick Guide for $3.00 via Amazon

Most genealogy books are long and provide little guidance on how to start quickly and affordably. My quick guide is based on my experience uncovering my American slave ancestors. Since 2003 I have traced my ancestry to the American Colonial period and beyond. With this guide you too will discover how your ancestors played a vital role in the creation of the United States.

Amazon Researching Your American Ancestors: A Quick Guide $3.00

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“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
-George Orwell

“I am a Negro, I am also an American. This is my country. I own a share in it, I have a vested interest in it. My ancestors helped create it, to build it, to make it strong and great, and rich. All of this belongs to me as much as belongs to any American with a white skin. What is mine I intend to have and to hold, to fight, if necessary, to uphold it. I will not give up my legacy in this society willingly.”

Ralph Bunche, American Statesman, first person with African ancestry to win a Nobel Peace Prize