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Eastern Woodlands Native Forest Defenders Invasive Species Removal Volunteer Events March 14 & 28 ~Tenafly, NJ~

The Tenafly Nature Preserve is under invasion and we need your help! A variety of non-native plants have been encroaching into our forest causing harm to native plants and reducing our biodiversity. These various plants referred to as Invasive Species can cause a myriad of damage if left unchecked, from toxifying soil to shading out native plants. For the forest ecosystem to continue functioning these invaders must be removed.

Help the Tenafly Nature Center eradicate these pesky plants twice a month with the Forest Defenders! Defenders will learn to identify different invasive species and work with our land manager to implement various removal techniques.

Forest Defenders is open to adults, teenagers & families. Kids 15 & under must be accompanied by a guardian. Hours spent with the Forest Defenders are eligible for school volunteer requirements.


Location: Tenafly Nature Center, 313 Hudson Avenue, Tenafly, NJ