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Article-a-Day #129: The Battle of Nashville and the Role of Williamson County’s US Colored Troop Veterans

The Battle of Nashville was important because the ultimate US victory marked the end of significant fighting in the Western Theatre of the Civil War by crushing the Confederate Army of Tennessee. This left the region in US hands for the remainder of the war. But it was also significant because it is one of the few major battles in which whole regiments of black men were used as a fighting force. Previously, they had primarily been used in ancillary or support capacities during the War and only had generally seen action when attacked in pursuit of those duties. At the Battle of Nashville, many of these men were sent to fight offensively for the first time – and they performed admirably. The men of the 13th USCI, in particular, were placed in a very difficult position and they suffered very heavy casualties despite heroic efforts on the battlefield.