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New York State Charter School Technical Assistance Resource Provider RFP DEADLINE February 24

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Charter School Office (CSO) is seeking proposals to establish a charter school technical assistance resource provider (TARP) to work with charter schools across New York State. Technical assistance to charter schools will focus on improvement in four specific areas:

*Governance by charter school boards of trustees
*High-quality educational services and opportunities for students with disabilities, with a focus on charter schools outside New York City
*Financial operations
*Home to school connections

The TARP will work in collaboration with NYSED to provide professional development to charter school teachers, financial professionals, leaders, and boards of trustees. With the exception of the second item above, proposals must target all charter schools and charter applicant groups statewide. It is expected that in-person technical assistance activities or trainings will be a majority (more than 50 percent) of the proposed services. (If restrictions related to COVID-19 were to be in effect during the course of the contract, alternative means such as video-conferencing may be utilized in place of in-person activities.)


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