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Livestock Tour & Grazing Fundamental Class February 20 ~Yorktown Heights, NY~

This 60-minute livestock tour offers a behind-the-scenes view of Hilltop Hanover Farm’s goats and cows with our Livestock Manager, Jess. Stroll through the pastures and barns while getting to know our livestock…

Following the tour, join Jess for a 30-minute class discussion to get a more in-depth look at livestock best practices. Topics covered include the benefits of good pasture management, types of grazing systems, grazing adapted plants and common pasture plants, pasture soil health, managing pasture with ruminant livestock, unique digestive ability of ruminants, ruminant nutrition needs, ruminant health concerns, humane stockmanship skills, and grazing system design and infrastructure.


Location: Hilltop Hanover Farm, 1271 Hanover Street, Yorktown Heights, NY

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