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New York State DEC Seedling Programs for Schools, Vocational, College, University and Youth Education Programs DEADLINE March 31

Planting and caring for tree seedlings can help young people learn about ecosystems and the valuable role trees play. Schools and youth organizations are eligible to receive free trees or shrubs by participating in this educational program. Participants receive seedlings from the Colonel William F. Fox Memorial Saratoga Tree Nursery along with guidance on how to plant and care for them.

Provide young people with a hands-on way to understand natural systems, observe their environment, and learn key vocabulary. When students plant tree seedlings they can discover the structure and function of trees while building their awareness about conservation.

As the trees mature they can serve as an ongoing living laboratory for young people to learn from. The experience can help students make informed decisions about the conservation and use of natural resources.

Eligible Organizations

  • All schools located within New York State – public, private, nursery, elementary, secondary, vocational, college or university.
  • Any youth education-based organization.