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EPA STEM Challenge: Developing Innovative Analyses Using Emissions and Environmental Monitoring Data DEADLINE February 22

Submissions for innovative and creative uses of CAMD data should advance the knowledge, use, and understanding of CAMD data and related information, with priority on the following possible project themes:

Analyzing data: Answer timely and relevant research questions using CAMD data
Enhancing communications: Design new and innovative ways to present CAMD data to the public
Developing technology and data mashups: Develop new technologies or analytic methods to integrate CAMD data with other datasets to unlock the broader potential of CAMD data
Promoting environmental education: Explore opportunities to use CAMD data in high school or university classrooms
Improving data quality: Identify and apply algorithms (e.g., machine learning) to electronically audit CAMD data and enhance data quality
Still looking for more inspiration? Past winners have integrated CAMD data with satellite data and other energy datasets to answer research questions. Others have created lesson plans for university students to create websites summarizing emissions at different power plants using CAMD data. Recent events may also spark ideas. Projects could characterize or evaluate energy equity or quantify the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic response on electricity and air quality.

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