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Navy: Seeking AI algorithms to combine with Robotic Autonomous Systems for Small Unit Maneuver elements $250K Prize-DEADELINE January 29

Artificial Intelligence for Small Unit Maneuver (AISUM) combines Naval Expeditionary Warfare and Special Operations Forces (SOF) tactical maneuver elements with Robotic Autonomous Systems (RAS) to create a low risk human machine maneuver element that gains, maintains and extends access in complex, contested and congested areas, providing a decisive advantage and precision application of effects.

This Prize Challenge reaches out to the defense, academic and industrial community to enhance research and development in the field of artificial intelligence for small unit maneuver. The objective of the Prize Challenge is for the development of an algorithm to enhance the maneuver and reconnaissance capabilities of autonomous drones within defined scenarios. The objective includes the utilization of the Government Furnished Property (GFP) drones, sensors, and onboard processing.