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Article-of-the-Day #78: Encyclopedia Virginia-Letter from George Washington to his friend Clement Biddle, written on behalf of his Enslaved Valet William Lee, requesting his wife (a free Black woman) Margaret Thomas, be provided passage to Washington’s Plantation Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon July 28th 1784

Dear Sir,

The Mulatto fellow William who has been with me all the War is attached (married he says) to one of his own colour a free woman, who, during the War was also of my family—She has been in an infirm state of health for sometime, and I had conceived that the connection between them had ceased—but I am mistaken—they are both applying to me to get her here, and tho’ I never wished to see her more, yet I cannot refuse his request (if it can be complied with on reasonable terms) as he has lived with me so long & followed my fortunes through the War with fidility.