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Next Gen Fertilizer Innovation Challenge DEADLINE November 30

This Partnership is being coordinated with input from stakeholders such as corn grower representatives, fertilizer companies, university and government researchers, and environmental and industry NGOs. This competition includes two challenges which aim to accelerate the development and use of existing and new product technologies that are affordable to reduce the environmental impacts of U.S. corn production. The results of the Partnership may ultimately be leveraged to improve production of other crops under a range of environmental conditions in the U.S. and abroad.

This Challenge aims to identify concepts for novel technologies for fertilizers and other product technology innovations that can reduce the environmental effects from modern agriculture while maintaining or increasing crop yields. Submissions to the Next Gen Fertilizer Innovation Challenge may include technologies that are not currently on the market or technology concepts that are not traditional EEFs and not in commercial use as a fertilizer.

Total Cash Prize Pool
The Seekers may award a total prize award pool of $65,000.