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Can you help develop interoperable health information technology (IT) solutions that engage patients and family caregivers during care transitions from in-patient hospital care to home (community living)? DEADLINE November 20

AHRQ is seeking technological solutions that ease administrative and information management burdens, and support patient activation and engagement, especially among Americans that may have low health literacy or limited English language proficiency. These technical solutions should leverage evidence-based standards.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) serves as a standalone data exchange standard but can be used in partnership with existing widely used standards, accelerating the develop process for digital solutions. FHIR is used to address the people, processes, and technology needed to send, receive, and use digital care plans and optimize medication reconciliation. Winning solutions that use FHIR in this Challenge would enable patients, families, and caregivers to receive and understand hospital discharge instructions and care plans while easing administrative burden on physicians, nurses, and staff at discharging hospitals.

Phase 1 – Proposal of Innovative Models

Total Cash Prize: $100,000
$20,000 per semi-finalist will be awarded; up to 5 awards
Semi-finalists will use a portion of their earnings to travel to a demo day in either Chicago, IL or Washington, DC.
Phase 2 – Prototype Development

AHRQ/HHS will make up to two awards:

Total Cash Prize: $75,000
First place winner: $50,000
Second place winner: $25,000