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Lunar Deep Freeze Challenge Total Prizes $40K DEADLINE November 12

NASA has a mission critical need for novel small-footprint, lightweight, low-/no-power cryogenic containment solutions that will enable long-term storage and transportation of lunar material samples back to Earth.

Conceptualize and describe a novel approach to cryogenic (less than -150°C) containment that will allow lunar sample transport from the Moon to Earth.

NASA is open to any and all innovative approaches that can deliver or enable long-term cryogenic storage in a small footprint, lightweight, efficient approach.

A universal single-system cryogenic solution that could be used continuously from Human Landing System (HLS) to NASA facilities on Earth would be ideal; however all innovative combinations of approaches, processes and systems that can deliver an actionable solution to this challenge are of significant interest.

In order to accelerate the adoption of innovative new technologies, NASA seeks solutions for two separate Challenge categories into which innovators are invited to submit proposals:

  • Challenge Category #1: Small Transportable Cryogenic Containment Systems
  • Challenge Category #2: Innovations for Long-Term Cryogenic Stowage & Transportation