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Virtual Workshop: Exploring Your Body, Mind, and Soul with Mandala Art! July 16

Join Psychic Medium Priscilla Keresey and Art Therapist Laura Gruce as we explore the hidden meanings and messages from a beautiful mandala… that YOU have created!

The Mandala (“Circle” in Sanskrit) is a vehicle for self-discovery. When you create one you’re describing a sacred space of your own; one that reflects a personal and present picture of your Being. The act of creating a Mandala brings unconscious knowledge, direction, guidance, and Self into your conscious awareness.

Philosopher Carl Jung believed that the Mandala was the ultimate tool for exploring the psyche, and has been used for centuries in Tibetan Buddhism to assist meditation and concentration.

You don’t need to be an artist to create a Mandala! There is no wrong way to express your sacred Self, and every stroke, color, shape or symbol you make contained within your circle IS a Mandala and IS a perfect snapshot of who you are at this stage of your Being.


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