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“Tiger King” Outrage: Let’s get H.R. 1380/S.2561 Big Cat Public Safety Act passed in Congress

Upset by the treatment of Big Cats in Netflix’s “Tiger King” docuseries? Then WRITE your House and Congressional representatives to pass legislation that holds these animal menagerie (also known as road side zoos) owners responsible. These animals deserve better treatment and so do the employees and volunteers that work with them.

PETITIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH! When individual voter-taxpayers use their voices politicians listen.

Also, do not visit animal menageries. Only visit accredited zoos and aquariums!


  • FindLaw: Exotic Animal Laws by State
  • USDA Animal Welfare Act
  • USDA Animal Welfare Regulated Businesses
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • Zoological Association of America
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Keeping Florida Panthers Off the Road to Extinction
  • Finally, there are big cats native to the Americas. Support organizations that protect the habitat and rescue these beautiful animals. Encourage CERTIFIED ZOOS in your area to help in conserving native big cats. Search big cat’s name zoo or big cat’s name conservation and send a note thanking them for helping native big cats!

    1. Canada Lynx
    2. Bobcat
    3. Jaguarundi
    4. Jaguar
    5. Cougar/Panther
    6. Ocelot
    7. Andean Mountain Cat
    8. Geoffroy’s Cat
    9. Kodkod
    10. Margay
    11. Pampas Cat
    12. Oncilla