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In Gatsby’s Shoes: F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald’s Summer in Connecticut Tour August 24 ~Westport, CT~

A gorgeous, vigorous 120 minute walk in one of the east coast’s most beautiful settings.

Imagine it’s the summer of 1920. Westport is a sleepy farm community that lures New York’s most glamorous couple, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, to its shores.

Seeking respite from their whirlwind Jazz era lives, the Fitzgerald’s set up in an 18th century farmhouse that has seen Revolution and the building of a nation over many decades. Zelda swims daily in the peaceful waters of the Long Island Sound while Scott takes advantage of the bucolic quiet to work on what he hopes will be his next great novel—The Great Gatsby.


Location: Westport Historical Society, Westport, CT

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