Jay Ghoul’s House Curiosities: The Mystery of the Pharaoh’s Curse October 19-31 ~Tarrytown~

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This Halloween’s all-new edition of Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities is based on classic mystery stories. It’s 1922, and a group of archeologists has unearthed an Ancient Egyptian tomb – but they barely have time to celebrate their discovery before the diggers each start dropping dead! Your group has arrived at the dig site (Lyndhurst mansion) to help determine the cause of the deaths – is it the Pharaoh’s curse or a cold-blooded killer?

This Halloween, you must solve the mystery before tragedy strikes again! Take a journey through the mansion to meet the cast of zany archeologists, local personalities, and unscrupulous smugglers. But be careful…each of them has their own secrets and superstitions.

About the performance: The 40-minute performances of Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities take place exclusively at night when the mansion comes alive through eerie lighting and Halloween decorations. While the evening experience will appeal to adults, teens, and school-aged children. This is not a Halloween haunted house – the scariest thing may just be the bad puns!

SOURCE: http://lyndhurst.org/events/jay-ghoul-2018/

Location: Lyndhurst, Tarrytown

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