Camp Tiny Paws Anthropomorphism Convention August 17-19 ~Danbury, CT~

“Anthropomorphism” is when an animal, plant, or otherwise non-human object is given human characteristics, including emotional responses, speech, and movement…However, human cultures have been using anthropomorphics for tens of thousands of years as a way to understand their world and its effects upon them (i.e. nature gods) and to understand each other (i.e. animal totems). The furry fandom is a modern community of people who delight in the concept of animals and objects which can represent themselves and others, often expressed through artwork and costuming.

This convention seeks to break the mold set by other conventions by celebrating and engaging the amazing creative and imaginative spirit of the furry fandom. The convention offers a dealer room, tabletop gaming, classes and paws-on crafting opportunities for all its attendees, as well as other events.


Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel in Danbury, Connecticut

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