Living Art Event March 2-24 ~Ossining~

Docent-led tours will take you through the OAC gallery which features artwork created by OAC members. When the tour reaches art inspired by a WCT playwright – actors appear to perform a short play based on that piece. The tour takes about 90 minutes.

Plays this year include: The Bees Are Watching by C.J. Ehrlich; Friends by Choice by Howard Lipson; The Image of Women by Evelyn Mertens; The Loud Hours by Pat O’Neill; Mr. Green by Angelo Parra; and Clam Diggers and Mussel Suckers by Jane Ann Valentine. The ensemble of WCT actors includes: Enid Breis, Keith Bulluck, Michelle Daneshvar, Anne Glickman, Tom Lloyd, Sandy Oppedisano, Roberta G. Robinson, Dan Slavin and Jack Joseph Turell.


Location: OAC Steamer Firehouse Gallery, Ossining