New York International Children’s Film Festival February 23-March 18 ~Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens~

Comprising animated, live action, and documentary features from over a dozen countries,
this year’s lineup includes one World premiere, three North American premieres, one US premiere, and
six East Coast premieres.

Highlights include the World premiere of Hilda, Luke Pearson’s episodic adaptation of his celebrated
graphic novel series, in which plucky Hilda sets out on adventures evoking both Scandinavian folklore and
Studio Ghibli. Among NYICFF’s trio of North American premieres are Sing Song (Netherlands/Suriname),
Mischa Kamp’s refreshing, inventive entry to the musical genre, in which a young singer travels to
Suriname in search of her roots; Clovis Cornillac’s beautifully shot Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life
(France), the third installment of a Festival-favorite franchise set in the French Alps circa WWII; and Luc
Jacquet’s March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step (France), a feat of cutting-edge 4K cinematography
that allows audiences deep into the Arctic waters to witness a new generation of emperor penguins as
they trek far and wide to survive. NYICFF’s premiere screenings of March of the Penguins 2 will be the
film’s only theatrical showcase before its HULU release on March 23. The 2018 Festival also features the
US Premiere of Emelie Lindblom’s Room 213 (Sweden), a spooky, smart genre entrypoint for young
audiences set at a haunted summer camp.


Location: Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

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