Village of Ossining Looking for Citizens to be on Community Boards & Commissions

The Village of Ossining is currently looking to appoint members to several of our Boards and Commissions. We are committed to bringing these Boards together with residents that have a strong skill set.

The Landlord Tenant Relations Council, was originally established in 1986 with a mission that included conducting research into community housing problems, formulating programs to improve landlord tenant relations, counsel the Board of Trustees on landlord tenant problems and disputes, and resolve problems and disputes between landlords and tenants through mediation and discussion.

The Board of Trustees seeks to re-establish the Council, which is expected to have nine members appointed by the Board of Trustees. Three members will represent landlord interests, three members will be tenants from the Village of Ossining and three members will be residents of the Village but are neither landlords nor tenants. Each member will serve a two year term.

If you are interested in serving on this or any of the other Village of Ossining’s Boards, Commissions or Committees, please submit letters of interest (resume optional) to Jaimie Hoffman in the Village Manager’s Office via email at or call (914) 941-3554. In your submission, please indicate all appointments that may potentially be of interest to you.

You may apply at any time, regardless of whether there is a current or upcoming vacancy, as vacancies occur periodically throughout the year.