Savannah Guthrie & Allison Oppenheim Signing “Princesses Wear Pants” September 12 ~Scarsdale~

Princesses Wear Pants by Savannah Guthrie & Allison Oppenheim

Princess Penelope lives in a beautiful palace with a closet full of beautiful dresses. But being a princess is much, much more than beauty. In fact, every morning Princess Penelope runs right past her frilly dresses to choose from her beloved collection of pants!

What she wears each day depends on which job she has to do. Will she command the royal air force sporting her sequined flight suit? Will she find her zen in her yoga pants and favorite tee? Or, will she work in the kingdom’s vegetable garden with pocketed overalls for all of her tools?

Unfortunately for Princess Penelope, not everyone in the Pineapple Kingdom thinks pants are always appropriate princess attire.


Location: Barnes & Noble, Vernon Hills Shopping Center, 680 Post Road, Scarsdale

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