Benedict Cumberbatch Fans NEED to listen to his early radio hit “Cabin Pressure”

Cabin Pressure starring Benedict Cumberbatch

“Cabin Pressure” Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

I am a die hard Benedict Cumberbatch fan thanks to “Sherlock!” So when I found he did radio work for BBC early in his career I wanted to see if held up to the genius of his acting in “Sherlock.” In ““Cabin Pressure” Cumberbatch is not his usual cool and collected self, he’s the patsy of this hilarious ensemble cast.

“Cabin Pressure” is the story of a private plane company trying to make ends meet. Cumberbatch plays Martin a man with a dream to be the Captain of his own jet, but has failed so many times he could only get a job on a barely surviving private plane company. The company is run by the divorcée Carolyn, a rough and tough, quick witted boss who runs a tight ship. His second command is Douglass, who used to work as a captain on commercial jet liners, but refuses to reveal why. Douglass older than Martin gives him nothing but pure hell! Rounding out the cast is the bumbling, lovable, Arthur son of Carolyn, who is a hot mess of a steward.

Together they travel the world on adventures on an airplane basically being held together by duct tape. You will laugh so hard and NEVER look at the crew members of any flight the same again.

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